Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For Every Man "A Savior is Born"

Good morning!! And Merry, Merry Christmas!

I'm feeling extremely blessed today as I realized this morning that Neal and I are going on four years of getting up every morning extra early so that we have time together in God's word. I posted this photo this morning on instagram and was blessed by comments of friends who said that they were inspired to do the same thing from my post.

Starting your day in God's word every morning will change your life! After doing this for four years I can say that not everyday brings new insight or revelation, and man, I can still battle a hard heart, and sometimes it just feels like I'm going through the motions, or that it's just routine, BUT then there are days, like this morning, when fear would strive to take my mind and I can remember things I've learned through reading God's word that protects my heart and mind from going to the place where I'm consumed by fear. I remember that Proverbs 3:5-6 says to trust in God from the bottom of my heart; and that I don't need to figure everything out on my own. And that in reading God's word I'm learning to listen for God's voice in everything I do, and everywhere I go; that in listening to and obeying him, he will keep me on track. And then there's the verse in Psalm 91 that says "God, you're my refuge. I trust in you and I'm safe!" It also goes on to say that "His huge outstretched arms protect you- and that under them you're perfectly safe." I need to read these things and memorize these things for my daily life so that fear can never take over my life again. And it covers everything in there!! No matter what your situation, there's an answer!!! Jeremiah 29:13 says you will find him when you seek him with all of your heart.

I'm no Bible scholar. In fact, if truth be told, I'm often a mess, but if there's one thing I've learned it's that God can straighten out my head like no one else, that he protects me, that I can find shelter in him, and that he actually SEEKS to save those that are lost and are a mess like me.

This Christmas season I have to confess that I've allowed myself to get busy and preoccupied with decorating, Christmas cards, shopping, and all of those things that can take up our minds and time at Christmas. Today I want to refocus my heart and mind on the birth of my savior who would've come even if it was to only save me, even if it was to only save you. I want to STOP when the song "O Holy Night" plays on my iPad and "fall on my knees" in reverence and adoration of my king.

For many years I would dread Christmas. I would dread the spending, the debt, the trying to impress others with amazing decorations, etc. I would completely lose myself into all things that have absolutely nothing to do with the birth of my savior! I still enjoy those things but I'm learning to let them take second place to my KING who came in the form of a baby.

My friends put together this video to advertise a special service coming up at my church because, truly, I believe we're all searching for a savior, and there's peace in believing in the birth of a King. If you have nowhere to attend church this season may I invite you to come to my church. We're just a bunch of imperfect people doing the best we can, who know that our lives would be nothing without Jesus. Come hear some awesome Christmas music, especially on the evening of December 15th (I'm singing a solo) haha! So come just to giggle at my effort (or bravery), come to hear my sister belt it out (she ROCKS!), come to rest in the presence of the King!

Won't you enjoy this video? It touches me.

For Every Man "A Savior is Born" from Westgate Chapel on Vimeo.

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  1. What an amazing video and I love this post. It is so true, his word enriches without a doubt. I have read your blog for years and I too only recently reconnected with Christ and have made this a priority in my life again. I now read Jesus Calling every morning or night and love what it does for the soul.

  2. Hi Lisa - I jump for joy when I see your house decorated any sort of way! I immediately tried to find your instragram account so I could stalk your house some more. LOL. I found you under your photography name so if you have a request from blueeyegreeneye that is me! (It's true, I do have a green eye and blue eye) I love that you are starting to blog again. Once again, you have a true talent for decorating and homemaking. Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Jennifer in Boise

  3. I love this Lissa. We have a young baby and mornings seem like such a whirlwind. I am desperate to sleep in and my husband is trying to get out the door to be on time for work- but I think this may just be exactly what we need. Thank you for sharing this small but meaningful part of your day. Now I am off to try and find you on Instagram...had no idea you were on there!


  4. i LOVE that you do this. we need to. it would be the best thing ever for us as a recentering and focusing!!

  5. you are such a sweet inspiration to me!
    i love your JOY!

  6. Wow! What an inspiration. Amazingly spoken and written. Thank you for this post.
    I LOVE O Holy Night. When that song comes up I will get chills and cry. It's beyond beautiful. Like you, I want to just drop to my knees and look right up to the Lord. It's amazing that one song can do that.
    Anyway, enjoy your day. Your home and special moment is quite beautiful.

  7. That was an inspiring video and post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, it's important we all slow down this time of year and remember the true meaning of Christmas. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

  8. Love your post. Love your heart. Love your blog.

  9. True love for bothof your "Him'" wish I lived closer to hear your bravery, you'll nail it.

  10. This is just perfect. I'm so glad you are blogging again! Merry Christmas. xo

  11. p.s. I LOVE that big tray - where did you get it? :)

    1. Thank you! I love it too. I bought it from my favorite local shop called Haley's cottage.