Friday, July 12, 2013

Crazy easy, yet delicious pasta salad from my friend Jeanne

Recently my friend Jeanne posted this recipe on her facebook page and I was dying to make it! It uses fresh ingredients which I love and is practically a no cook meal which is also a winner in my book! I can't imagine a better summer meal! Here is the link to her original recipe. What I did here was copy the adjustments she listed on her facebook page but I'm wanting to try it the original way she listed it on her blog as well.

This pasta calls for:

gluten free pasta cooked according to package directions
yellow and red peppers, diced
crumbled feta
cherry tomatoes, halved
1/4 red onion, diced
summer sausage, cut into 1/2" chunks
a handful of arugula, chopped
kalamata olives
I used Trader Joe's Tuscan Italian dressing, to taste

Just mix it all together and sprinkle with freshly ground sea salt and cracked pepper!

Thank you Jeanne! I LOVE finding a new recipe that's so simple and delicious!

**While visiting Jeanne's blog make sure to read about her recent trip to Italy! It's SO inspiring!!

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  1. OH this reminds me of a pasta salad my mother made for us each summer when I was a child! The ingredients varied depending on how far into summer we were... early in the season it was filled with petite peas, thinly sliced fresh spinach, and the sweetest, thinnest slices of red onion. later it in the season it would include fresh sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, yellow/red peppers, zucchini ribbons... at that time time feta was not available so extra sharp cheddar was crumbled into it or maybe a few shavings of parmesan.

    Thank you for the reminder! I do believe I'll be picking up some fresh veggies at our local farmer's stand to make up pasta salad later on this week!!

  2. Oh this looks like a keeper! We have been buying an amazing an amazing pinot grigio all natural salami at Whole Foods that would be perfect in this!!!!

  3. i'm testing out 30 days without grains or dairy. girl! how do you do it!? i'm sure it gets easier right?? either way, this pasta salad is making me hungry!

  4. looks delicious.
    I'll have to make this for myself and Lydia bc the men in our family would not like it. :(

  5. Sounds delicious. Don't you love it when you find something so simple that can be so satisfying? Thanks for this great idea!

  6. This looks extra yummy and perfect for summer!

  7. Made this and it was a hit! We used watermelon, fresh pineapple, Mangos & strawberries
    pasta salad.