Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hospitality 101

The constant stream coming in from my blog, Facebook, and instagram was deafening. I lived in a heightened state.

I wanted to stop. I longed to be still and hear that still small voice speak life to me, to speak truth. I wanted to find my authentic self- that girl that God created me to be, the one he saw before I was even formed in my mother's woom. I felt there had to be more so I closed myself away to listen, to search, to learn, to change.

I started searching out the simple life working to be a pro recycler, planting a garden that could sustain us for a season, working on spending less, and then even less. I took time to listen...

At first it felt slow. I would ask God to teach me to love. I would sit in the silence of 4:45am and ask him to show me who I am and how he sees me. I longed for him to reveal his plan for me. I needed purpose, I longed for more. I no longer wanted to strive or strain, I wanted rest, and peace, and life abundant.

I began to read about Queen Esther and a phrase stuck in my head...

For such a time as this...

I began to ponder.


What if Esther wasn't the only Esther?

What if God placed each of us in the exact position where we are RIGHT NOW for such a time as this....

What if you or I, as one single human, one small light, could be used to start a fire??

A fire that could change our city, or why stop there? Our country??

I mean, really??? Why couldn't it be you??? Why couldn't it be me??

I feel like a tetris game- like there's so much information coming in and each piece is finding it's way into the foundation that God is building in me.

And then everything changed.

I attended a church service for the addicted, the alcoholic, the broken.

Gone were the fancy clothes, the clever retorts, the polished smiles.

Here were real people, broken, and searching for a savior.

The man on the right of me, shaking so badly that he could not hold his plate still.

And God spoke.


And I could see it!

The blinders were lifted.

This IS church down to it's simplest form and I thought to myself.

"This is where I belong."

And God said to me, "let them see your messy."

You don't have to be perfect.

You're probably going to get it wrong.

But just LOVE.

Open your home.

Open your lives.

The white couch, the polished floors....

Stuff is just stuff

But this is life!

This is abundance!

This is love!

This is what hospitality is all about!

This is what I died for!

Get ready to get dirty.

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  1. Hi Lissa
    Your blog brings to me and others I'm sure good reading, and of course beautiful photography. I am Christian and my first priority is God and His calling for my life...and I know what it is an d that is my joy. Blogging is beautiful but I understand that nobody's home "looks" that perfect all the time. It's not meant to be and it's not reality...but it's good entertainment. So I hope you'll do just what your blog says, "Keep it simple...keep it fresh" because life is to short for pretenses. Now just one last thing...Is there any truth to that sign "Never trust a skinny cook". :)

    God Bless...Rita

  2. Lissa,

    This is one of the most authentic, beautifully written posts I've read in a long time. Thank you!

  3. that was beautiful, encouraging & REAL.
    i actually felt myself taking a relaxing breath & smiling...

  4. I love this post. I look forward to seeing where it takes you :)

  5. Love this post, it spoke it loud and clear to me.
    Blessings, Kristina

  6. giosmama26@yahoo.comMay 22, 2013 at 7:08 AM

    Welcome back! I loved this post, I loved the pictures. I love your blog and I love your home. I also look forward to seeing where this takes you.

    If I may ask- where did you get the yellow votives on your table and also the never trust a skinny cook sign?

    Thank you and be blessed!

    1. I drug the sign home from a warehouse store in Arizona- I just had to have it! The yellow cups are from Anthro. They were on clearance. :)

    2. giosmama26@yahoo.comMay 22, 2013 at 3:06 PM

      Wonderful sign. I would have dragged it home, too! Great choice. Thank you for letting me know about the cups. They are super cute. I'll have to check it out.

  7. goosebumps. can't wait to see the gritty lissa. watch out world!

  8. I sure have missed you!! This post is incredibly touching. I feel a a battle in the same sense, sometimes it's all too much. What we all need is real, true, and messy life.

  9. Exciting!
    Never a dull moment with God!
    We never know exactly where He leads us, but when we're close to Him, there's always LIFE! Love where He's leading you xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  10. First, your pics are absolutely beautiful and I love that sign about a skinny cook. Secondly, I love this post. This is the kind of stuff that attracted me to your blog along time ago. I have always loved your blog, but I love it when you talk about God and I can hardly wait to see what is coming. I truly benefit from your posts, so thank you!

  11. I've missed you, Lissa! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and your heart. :)


  12. It's always interesting to see where you are lead. I hope that your gift of photography keeps coming. I always find your photos serene, happy and a little break from the day.

  13. I have really missed your blog.........What a beautiful time for you to reflect, listen and grow and follow the Lord.
    I pray your cup is full and you can bless us all with your great recipes, photos and stories.

  14. Love this post ... it has words I needed to hear today. I'm in the process of starting a shelter in my city for victims of human trafficking. I'm working with two other women and am in such a huge learning curve. "You don't have to be perfect. You're probably going to get it wrong. But just LOVE." These were soothing words to my soul today. Thank you, Lissa!

    1. well that's amazing! Thank you for sharing this with me!! May God's blessing and protection be all around you in this journey!

    2. Thank you! I still pray for you when I visit your blog - I sent you an email long ago. :) I enjoy your pics and share your love of the Lord and good food ... it's always a delight in my day to read your posts!

  15. Lissa!! I haven't blogged much myself in the last year nor have I kept up on following my favorites. Your blog was always one of them and I missed it when you stopped posting. So glad to see you posting again! :)

  16. Oh Lissa, I love this!! You have stirred my heart today!! :)

  17. I knew God was moving and working in you in your break from all the social media.
    Good for you for listening to his nudge...for needing a rest and taking it.

    I love that God is digging deeper into this love of "hospitality" in your heart.
    He does that, doesn't he?

    He digs deeper. and then deeper. and then deeper...and deeper still.
    there's always more.

  18. girl, i needed to read this.
    thanks for sharing this beautiful journey that God is taking you on!
    blessings to you!

  19. Thank you SO much for putting this out there! I really loved how honest this was. I am not sure why but as I was reading this I could feel myself become a little lighter at my center and I can't describe how good that feels. I could feel God reaching out through you; its something that hasn't happened recently. Your post has given me a little shot of much needed down-to-earth optimism, and some new perspectives to ponder. Thank you~

    And your photographs are lovely by the way!

  20. I just wanted to say that I just stumbled across your blog, incredible - I can feel your love for Jesus jumping out of the screen. I love Jesus dearly, but I'm ready to get closer, I need this.