Wednesday, January 9, 2013

learning to dance in the rain in Paris

If you haven't figured it out yet I'm completely and utterly smitten with Paris. Looking at these photos causes me to grin while letting out a contented sigh. Paris changed me. I don't know how 2 days plus one magical night can do that but that's just the magic that is Paris I guess.

Our last day in Paris was incredibly stormy and pouring; I mean literally dumping buckets of rain! It was hard to keep my camera dry because my purse was soaking wet as well. Many times I would take out my camera only to find the the mirror inside was all fogged up. I gave myself a little pep talk that my photos may not turn out... I decided to just go with it, capturing shots of parisians with their umbrellas.

We decided to walk to the farmers market on raspail in the seventh. On the map it looked quite close to our hotel. That was a bit misleading because we walked... and walked... and walked. On our way to the market I was surprised to walk straight into Poilane which is a french bakery that I've read about from Ina Garten. I told Neal that he HAD to go in and try a pastry for me!! I LOVED it in there! It was one of my favorite moments on the trip!!! While Neal chose his goody I perused the tiny shop decorated for Christmas with evergreen boughs and hanging shortbread cookies. This place was magic to me. I purchased one of their handmade bowls for my kitchen so that I could always remember this extra special moment.

From there we continued walking to the market. When we arrived we were completely soaked through but man was I excited. I'm crazy passionate about food! It's so beautiful to me and man the french do it right!! I've never seen such wonderfully, rustic displays! As we were walking through a gentleman offered me some samples of his olives. I LOVE olives and these were by far the best we'd ever had! We ended up purchasing a small container for an afternoon snack along with some lychee fruit. I think I took 50 photos just at the market!! That is my kind of heaven on earth. I remember walking away and saying, "well, I don't know how those photos will turn out in this dark light but I did my best."

From the market we walked to Cafe Varenne because Ina Garten raved about it recently on her facebook page. Would you believe we ended up sitting right next to a couple who spoke english and when I told her that I chose that cafe because of Ina she told me that they were good friends and that they'd be seeing her shortly when she arrived for New Years! It turns out we were chatting with Patricia Wells and I didn't even know it! (She gave me her business card as we were leaving) What fun! I'm sure her and Ina have had a lovely chat about what a doll I am and how they'd like to hire me as their photographer. (wink)

We then made our way to St Germaine's but honestly we were so wet by this time I was done fighting the storm. After watching a passionate fist fight in the street we snuck into a Starbucks (head hung in shame) to warm up and decide what to do. I confessed that I was pretty miserable and wet by now (drowned rat) and asked to skip Notre Dam (gasp!). We grabbed a cab back to our room so that I could get some dry clothes.

That night we ended up having the most romantic date ever at La Petit Cler which is a small cafe at the base of our hotel. We sat outside with heaters and blankets and had a simple meal. After dinner we walked back to the eiffel tower for one last glimpse of its grandeur and then enjoyed the lights of the champs d'elysee one last time.

I learned something this day. I learned to dance in the rain. To make the best of it. And while I worried I'd end up with crummy photos I'd say that didn't happen at all.

A bientot mon chéri.

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  1. Beautiful photos Lissa.
    I wholeheartedly agree - the French really do it so right. I too have lots of foodie shots from visits to France - it's all so artfully displayed, lovingly so.
    Def something to try and emulate at home on a daily basis

    I hope this isnt the end of the French series ...Im really enjoying it. xx

  2. Love the title of your post...and love the lesson you learned. There's definitely something magical about Paris. For me, the real magic happened in Provence. I came alive! Then came home missing the sights, smells and sounds. I couldn't move forward for weeks. And every now and then, all these years later, my heart just longs to go back. Even though I know Heaven is my heart's true home, Provence felt like a close second. Sounds like Paris got to your heart in the best possible way. Awesome that you got to experience it with your husband. (Glad he got to try a pastry for you. My favorite pastry memory was in Paris...a chocolate pear tart!) xoxo!

  3. Lissa and Neal in Paris, what a great first line of one of your chapters. Dance you did, loved it all!
    I totally get the Paris thing I've have the same dream since I can remember and some steps in place, thanks for the extra inspiration.


    Of course this is taken slightly out of context from the full quote, but I think for your circumstances it suits you perfectly. ❈

  5. I think I just let out a sigh. I loved your Paris series. It was beautiful to hear you share your stories and share your gorgeous photos.

  6. Love this post Lissa ~ what an unforgettable time you had. You have to dance in the rain girl ~ you done good! xo

  7. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous and I loved your Paris series so much. We only spent one quick day in Paris taking the train from London and it was the absolute best day ever and it even rained a bit in August! I am listening to La Vie En Rose right now - it was perfect for your post!

  8. oh girl, i adore these pics and your retelling them is like listening to a great story unfold. so glad you can pull them out whenever you want and relive the whole thing. you need to make a shutterfly book or something. oh and i want one of those blurb books you made. i don't care how much it costs...don't forget!

  9. This post made me smile, thanks! And life has a way of putting the right people nextbto each other, even in Paris, enjoy the day,

  10. the only word that comes to mind...just unbelievable, Lissa. Thank you for a very beautiful post.

  11. these are magical!!
    i can't imagine how truly magical being there in the flesh must be...i keep telling my girls, "one of these days"
    thanks for sharing!

  12. Stunningly beautiful Lissa!!! You did a fabulous job of capturing the beauty of Paris! I love taking photos in the rain {well a light rain, at least :) }. That farmer's market is literally just around the corner from where my husband and I always stay while in Paris, and I too LOVE it there! It is an organic market on Sunday mornings.


    :) T

  13. You should totally have a food travel television show. You'd be great at it.

  14. Your photos are spectacular! I have loved reading about your time in Paris and hope to visit there some time this year. I have been reading your blog for quite some time (love your recipes!) Love following your journey.

  15. I just found your blog last week and enjoyed this taste of Paris. I'm going there next onto with my daughters so I quickly forwarded your post to them so they could see your beautiful images. I've never been there in the winter but looking forward to it!

  16. Your pictures are fabulous! They beautifully tell your story. :) Makes me want to go. ;) I love the lesson you learned and think I could learn this lesson also. I think everything has to be "perfect" to have a good time or have wonderful not true. :)

  17. your pics turned out fabulous...I LOVE the one up top of that lady walking with her red umbrella in the rain....beautiful moment captured of everyday life.

    I could read about your trip to Paris everyday until I'm able to go. :)

  18. beautiful pictures, lissa! what a special time to enjoy...and enjoy with your husband, too!