Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurry!! Before it's too late!

Jeanne's beautiful home

Kimberly's lovely home on the farm

I don't know how I am lucky enough to have Kimberly Taylor and Jeanne Oliver as dear friends but I'm so grateful that I do!! Kimberly lives one of the loveliest lives on the planet on a peaceful and gorgeous farm in the Pacific Northwest and Jeanne just oozes talent in every way!! I learn so much from both of them on living a beautiful life and right now they are a part of Jeanne's E-course called the Creatively Made Home.

There are many videos being offered by some of the most talented girls on the internet. Many of the videos discuss what they've learned about homemaking and defining their own style. I watched several of the videos so far and they're professionally and wonderfully done! I truly think there's much to gain by taking Jeanne's e-course, especially if you're still struggling with making your house a home.

I am even honored to have a small spot as a guest on the e-course next week! I believe that registration closes on the 29th so you need to register right away!!

For more information or to register online please click here!! Pin It


  1. It is so fun watching your friendship with FGP. What a beautiful thing it is to edify each other as women and creators.

  2. I am loving this E - course, looking forward to week 2 going up.

  3. You are a guest ~ you little rascal! Love everything about it so far.

  4. Hope I'm not too late! Just signed up, can't wait to get to know everyone