Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer in a day

Summer in a day.

I don't know if you've heard but we've been having an extremely cool and wet summer so far. It's kind of a bummer. It's not uncommon for us to experience temperatures in the 50s right now and it looks like we are going to hit a record for the third coldest and wettest summer in history. It's been really hard for a lot of us. Seattle averages 200 grey days a year. It's especially difficult to deal with in the summer. Sometimes I feel a bit jealous when I look at other people's photos in sunny locations enjoying the heat of summer. I wish I could join you! We don't have the fires and that of course is a blessing, my heart goes out to those families! But I do still have my fingers crossed that summer will come soon!

Yesterday the forecast was for a beautiful sunny day with a high of 72 degrees! So we dropped EVERYTHING because the weatherman warned that this summer streak would only be for one day.

The girls and I got up early in the morning and headed to Target and Billabong to buy some needed beach accessories and then hit the beach. We stayed All sorts of kids from the girls school were there and they played for hours which was fine with me because it gave me time to enjoy my book.

It was wonderful! And I soaked up every minute that I could. While we were there it occurred to me that my husband was busy working hard for our family and was missing out on all the fun so at 4:00 the girls and I ran home and prepared a quick dinner that could be taken back to the beach. Upon Neal's arrival we packed everything into the car and headed back. The dinner was easy consisting of sliced watermelon and pasta salad. It was nice to be at the beach in the evening glow and I'm so thankful that we did it as today it's quite cool and they say the rain should be starting again any time. But for now I have these lovely images of my girls enjoying the day at the beach to look at while we wait for another opportunity to present itself.

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  1. Oh, we've got sun and heat--lots of it. For several days in a row we've had temps over 100, and then adding the humidity level the temps skyrocket. And we are in dire need of rain. But the weeds are growing like...well...weeds. It really is difficult to be outside for any length of time. Now if we could just combine our weather with yours it would be just perfect!

    What darling photos of your girls!

  2. What a great day Lissa! I will pray for more sunshine for you but have faith as the first day of summer was only last week! xo

  3. Awesome that you squeezed the heck out of your one day. Those pics were great...colorful and fun. Curious what book you're reading. Praying the sun comes out for you friend.

  4. Lovely memories with your daughters and I love how you honor your husband. Blessings to you and your family. May the Son always shine on your home!!

  5. What a great day, wishing you many more days filled with sunshine this summer.
    Happy summer!

  6. Love your fun photos of your sunny day. Your girlies are looking older and still just as adorable as ever. Love your "tablecloth?" Is that an oilcloth? I used to have a beach bag something like that and I loved it and got it from the Pasadena Flea Market...where did you get your cloth? I would love one like that. Happy weekend Lissa!

  7. I feel ya. We moved to California last year from our home on the eastside. I so do not miss the weather. But...Seattle is still the most beautiful place on earth on a warm and sunny day. I pray you guys get more of those days and soon!

  8. so glad to come over and see a post featuring you guys at the beach soaking up the SUN!
    Georgia needs rain!!! Our new yard, especially. :) But instead....we have LOTS of sunshine and hot's supposed to reach between 104-107 this weekend. YUCK.

    You want some sunshine and I want some rain! Go figure!!

    The pictures are lovely!

  9. I wish I could bottle some of the sun and warmth and send your way! Love that you embraced the day AND included your hard working hubby - so very sweet.

    Fingers crossed that summer finds you sooner vs later!

  10. Glad you had SOME sunshine. You will have to come to Massachusetts for a visit :)

  11. you know i love the living by the beach life!! i'm so jealous!!
    we're hitting heat index of 110 this weekend. & dude, it is seriously hot. and muggy. this shots
    looks like an anthro add & maybe i spy a juicy bag too ;)


  12. You can come to Arizona where it is 111 and we have no water and our beautiful yard is drying up! I like you want to be in California but we are waiting until God leads us there:)

    Your photos are so clear. What camera do you use. I need to buy a new camera.

    Enjoy your weekend

    1. I just have a rebel right now but we invested in a really good lens. It's a 24-105

  13. I'm in Arlington and I feel your pain! We Washingtonians do not take sunny days for granted, do we? So glad you got to enjoy the beach with your fam. What darling pictures you have of that beautiful sunshiny day. Praying for more! :)

  14. Your daughters are beautiful!

  15. Their lips are the exact same! Love that! xoxo!

  16. I have kind of been on a vacation from reading blogs for a while and I just jumped back over to yours after reading Lemonade Makin Mama's post. I have to say your food is beautiful and makes me want to COOK!!!! But what really got my attention is how much your baby girls have grown in such a short time! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! They are so beautiful, just like their Momma! God bless you guys <3