Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yesterday I ate the best eggs of my life!

I do not exaggerate when I testify that yesterday was one of the best days of my entire life! My friend Kimberly opened up her home for me and allowed me to shoot her in her own environment for my final project this quarter. She did the styling, I did the shooting and in my opinion we make a fabulous team! I will wait to go into this until I'm ready with photos but she lives a lovely life on her farm and I'm beyond blessed to be able to enjoy it. Kimberly has a natural "parisian hospitality" that invites you to relax and linger whether it's at the large farm table inside or wandering around the yard with her crazy chickens and horny rooster. That stinker kept "making his way" into my shots if you know what I mean. Kim tried to convince me that "sex sells" but I wasn't having it. Spending the day on her farm with my camera in my hand was a dream come true for me. As I'm just about to finish my first year of photography courses I feel relaxed with my camera, almost as if it's an extension of me. I can finally begin to feel proud of my photos and really understand just what it is I'm doing. This allows me to relax and just "be" in the environment I'm shooting.

But back to the eggs...

We were enjoying a lovely morning and I was following Kimberly around her yard while she cut lilacs, redirected a horse who had escaped from her pen, and hung laundry on a clothesline. I'm running a crazy amount of miles right now and thankfully we are close enough friends that I can ask her for something to eat. I was starving!! I don't know if she had planned on feeding me but she effortlessly wandered into the kitchen where she simply prepared scrambled eggs with pesto. First of all, this is a combination I've never tried before and it's AMAZING! Second of all, I need to ask her how she keeps her eggs so light and fluffy! And third, I've NEVER, in all my days enjoyed my eggs more.

What truly impressed me was the relaxed comfort of the whole thing and I've decided it's better to enjoy scrambled eggs or even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at a casual table with someone you love than at a fancy table with fancy food that you've slaved over for hours or even days. In some ways we discussed how the beautiful images of pinterest have duped us into thinking that life needs to be lived beautifully decorated and styled to a "T". What a disservice. It's better to feel comfortable and welcome and at ease. Now that I'm 40 it's easier to let those things go and realize what's truly important. I know I for one am ready to open my home for scrambled eggs. Isn't it more about the company than the food?

Scrambled eggs and toast.

I suppose there is no excuse NOT to have someone over for lunch now! :)

ps The goreous loaf of bread on the table sadly is not gluten free. That was for her boys. But she did have lovely gluten free toast available as well. The top image is from my instagram page.

PLEASE follow Kimberly's lovely blog HERE. You'll enjoy it so! Pin It


  1. I so enjoyed yesterday and the time wandering the farm seeing it through your eyes. It really was the epitome of how I want life to be lived here. I am so happy that you had as wonderful a time as I did. Thank you for your kind words my friend- they mean the world. Truly.

  2. i love the photographs you took, what touched me so is the words you attributed to kimberly, there is something
    so special about hearing someone speak fondly of someone you adore. I have no doubt that she made you feel at
    ease, that is one of her special gift and her savoir faire when it comes to placing in front of you the thing you did not know you need well that is another. Farm eggs, make all the difference. i can't wait to hear m ore of your time with her and see the photographs you have taken.

    thank you for sharing your time at the farm with us,

  3. I'm sure you had a great time rooster and all, good luck with your final I'm sure you will do just fine. This remints me of going home our parents always prepared simple everyday food and that first bite wow it brings you right back to how it's suposed to be.

    Have a great day!

  4. "It's better to feel comfortable and welcome and at ease." you got that right! i can't wait to see your pictures, lissa. kimberly sounds like a lovely woman, mother, friend.

  5. I would love that recipe. Sounds delicious!! What a wonderful day spent shooting on your friend's farm. :)

  6. I knew as soon as I saw the title of your post that these must have been fresh farm eggs! I can't wait to have chickens and fresh eggs! The rooster part made me laugh! I don't think we'll have a rooster. ;)


  7. Lovely photos Lissa, it certainly sounds like a very good day on every level.

    I totally agree with cooking simple food that is both comforting and unfussy and more importantly just EASY for the host to put together.
    I used to be a slaver, thinking I could dazzle my guest with amazing meals that appeared effortless but in reality I had spent ages prepping. I realized I wasnt enjoying my guests ( or the food ) - so what was the point of it all??

    Nowdays I LIKE the food I offer my guests - its not restaurant but then we arent in a restaurant - its fresh, seasonal, easy to make and easy to eat, maybe its presented with a bit of flourish, its important to me that it looks good too - its more relaxed but still prepared with care and eaten in our home.

    And I have decided that is the secret to a happier life and yes I agree with you, at 40 its time to let go of some things, ease up on oneself and get busy living well.

    What a ramble !! Have a happy day, would love to see your assignment photos here one day soon xx

  8. Kim is one of my girl crushes Lissa ~ even though we have talked on the phone and have "known" each other for over 10 years now ~ I have yet to meet her in person... so hearing about your day makes me smile. Can't wait to see all your photos from your day. Hope you are having a fabulous week-end.

  9. I just love your friendship - love her styling - LOVE YOUR PHOTOS....And i'm going to have to try eggs and pesto - my two FAVs!!!! LOVE YOU, DEAR FRIEND! xoxo

  10. wish it was me. that's all i gotta say;) the chickens, the lilacs, the farm, the camper...the friend over for lunch. shame on me...ha!

  11. Oh what a fun day! That sounds amazing and I bet the eggs were extra delcious since they were farm fresh eggs.

  12. YUMMY!! So jealous that you two photography and healthy cooking gurus live so close to each other. Congrats on closing in on the end of your photography classes this year.

  13. oooh I can't wait to see your photos in due course and I want some breaky too....I agree about the type of entertaining, that being said, I did make a special effort for mothers day and set the table with the linen cloth but it had been a while....congrats on your 1 year of photography...your photos are beautiful.....I still love my apron and was cooking in it yesterday and then it needed a good soak and wash..... Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia