Thursday, May 3, 2012

a community garden

Down in the University District of Seattle, right next to the farmer's market, is a wonderful community garden. Saturday morning my mom, my girls, and I had a wonderful time wandering the isles of this lovely garden. The wonderful volunteers that work there were eager to teach us a little bit about the gardens. Different people own different plots of land in this garden and they're friendly and more than willing to educate you on their gardens. One of the ladies was wonderful with the girls and walked us around encouraging us to try the arugula flowers and a few of the sorrel leaves. We have planted arugula in our own garden this year so it was fun to show the girls what they have to look forward to. These ladies are passionate about urban gardens and encourage us to find even small areas where you can grow your own lettuce and herbs. My mom has planted some of these items in wine barrels in her back yard. My kids really enjoy the planting, caring, harvesting, and eating the foods that come up into our garden. I find lettuce, herbs, arugula, and sugar peas quite easy to grow and would make great plants to start with. It was fun to see how they conserve water and also compost. I have so much to learn but I work to be conscious of our environment and try to live as organically as possible. I don't have chickens or animals but I can grow things in my garden. I have a few herbs that survived the winter and are thriving. I've also learned that arugula can survive our winters as well. I love sharing these experiences with my mom and children. I'm hoping that my kids take these experiences with them as they grow up and move out of our house. I am eager to get my carrots and radishes planted. I'd also like to try beets this year. One day when I make room I'd love to grow pumpkins somewhere in the garden. So many plans and dreams! I've always got new ideas brewing in this head of mine. Pin It


  1. I love this!!!! I wish we had something similar in our community, but sometimes the rural area people are hard to change. This would be great for elementary students to visit and learn more about growing your own herbs etc.

    Love the cisterns! I grew up on cistern water and using rain water for plants and trees. We had to conserver water, especially in the summer months.

  2. Great pics and you are teaching your girls so much! I love it. I have two plots in our local community garden as it's in a busy area so I don't have to worry about deer. And as a sidenote - thanks to your adventure and going back to school this year I have decided to do the same! I am taking a "Dream to Farm" class this summer at our community college. It's a 14 week class designed to teach us how to operate small farms!!!

  3. Beautiful photos, gardens remind me of my Grandpa he always had dirt on his hands.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Awesome photos! I hope some day to be able to have a garden like you.


  5. What a great opportunity! I want to learn more about composting too. Now you've inspired me to find similar resources in my area!

  6. We too have a couple of community gardens here Lissa and I love just walking around and seeing them. Growing up we always had a garden and then of course there was a huge one at the farm with everything imaginable planted in it. I do not have the place, time or energy for a garden right now but I support our local farmers 100%. I would much rather pay a little more for local than to get it on sale at the store. Happy gardening!

  7. love your beautiful.
    i love the idea of urban gardens...we have people here that do the same thing.
    although, i'd hardly say Athens is truly "urban." The city is, but there is countryside all around!

    Happy Planting! I'm glad you get to share this with your mom and girls, too.
    We are so ready to plant and harvest and eat from my parents garden...grateful to be close enough again to help them!

  8. how'd i miss this one? i think a community garden is a great idea. wishin' i had access to something like that. there probably is if i really looked. but you know me and gardening;) great pics friend.