Friday, October 7, 2011

quick and easy gluten free peanut butter m&m cookies

This week has been an incredible roller coaster week for us! Anyone else out there feeling like they're driving faster than the speed limit right now???

Last weekend I took a cooking class. There are two things that I can not master (whaaaaa) and that is gluten free pizza dough and chocolate cake. I can't tell you how many batches of chocolate cupcakes have ended up in the trash bin. I don't know what my deal is! My sister will make an amazingly moist and delicious gf cake and then I will grab the recipe from her only to come home and have it come out dry again!!! I WILL master these two items one day and when I do we will be celebrating and baking them together!!! Mark my words!! It will come to pass! Even if it kills me... and it may...

Anyway, back to the cooking class. The main subject for the cooking class was pizza dough so I jumped at the chance to attend! The pizza dough that we ate in the class was delicious and I wish I didn't have to share with the others cuz I was ready to pound some seriously yummy pizza. The teacher was well educated on all of the new gf flours available out there stating that she chooses not to use rice flour any longer. So I was feeling a bit old school and went out and purchased all of the flours that she recommended and you know something? Not one thing I've made this week has turned out! I'm sure it's because I'm new to these flours and there's probably a learning curve involved but I think there's something to be said on keeping yourself educated on what's out there. So I'm trying really hard not to be old school or stuck in my ways but I just needed to make something quick and easy today that I could count on turning out! My girls have a big walk-a-thon at school today and I know they're going to come home starving so I thought it'd be fun to have some homemade cookies and milk waiting for them when they walk in the front door.

I stuck to my original recipe. No new flours today. I'm going to keep working on them and let you know what I find that works. Especially that pizza dough!!! The recipes I post on my blog are recipes that are tried and true for me. I hope that if they consistently work for me they will for you as well.

Peanut Butter and M&M cookies

1/2 c sugar
1/2 c firmly packed brown sugar
3/4 c unsalted butter- softened
1/2 c gluten free peanut butter

~ Mix these ingredients together until light and fluffy.

~ add the next two ingredients and blend well

1 tsp vanilla
1 egg

In a separate small bowl combine:

1 3/4 c thai rice flour
1 t baking soda
1/2 t salt

**I like to use a fork to quickly stir and combine these ingredients before adding them to the wet mixture.

Slowly add in the combined dry ingredients and mix well.

Then stir in 1 cup of M&Ms until combined.

Bake at 375* for 8-10 minutes.

makes 3 dozen

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  1. What? There's a speed limit??? I thought we were on the Autobahn! ;)

    Those are seriously some of the best 'i wanna eat em' cookie pictures I've ever seen!

  2. Where is the best place to find the thai rice flour? these sound so yummy. I think i might try them with almond butter.
    xo jana

  3. Lissa, these pictures are awesome! No wonder they made Jaxon hungry. :) I love them!

  4. Hi Jana~ You can order it through amazon but i usually get it at our local asian supermarket. Do you have ranch 99 in cali? It's quite inexpensive. :)

  5. My little ones would love these...and me too! ;)

  6. lissa- hey girl I showed these to major...he was dying for them. need for zantham gum or potato starch???

  7. Hey andrea! :) Nope! Not needed in the recipe. The peanut butter binds everything together. :)

  8. Lissa, I've been making these since you posted them on your other blog a few years ago. We LOVE them!

  9. Oh those look so good Lissa! I bet your kiddos were so excited that you had these waiting for them when they got home from school. You are such a great mommy. I have yet to purchase rice flour and bake with it, but it is on my next grocery list to purchase. Stealing this recipe for sure!

    ♥Lee Ann

  10. These look so good, I love taking cooking classes, it puts me back in home ec class, I so loved mine.

    Happy weekend!

  11. I can only imagine how delicious these are....adding them to my list of things to do this week. :)

    your pictures are gorgeous, friend.

  12. I agree with Rebecca, those are great photos. One fall I made no less than 10 apple pies trying to get the pie crust right.

  13. these look beautifully yummy Lissa!

  14. The week was crazy Lissa ~ I promised myself last night that I was going to take time and sit down and play catch up on my blogs so here I am. These cookies look so yummy ~ can't go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter! xo

  15. So happy I found your blog. Anxious to try these cookies. Thanks so much!

  16. Simply Amazing! Makes me want to eat them all up.Congratulations on being featured in the Folk magazine.I just ordered a copy from Barn House Boys~Cheers Kim

  17. Love your messy first photo- magazine worthy for sure!! These look SO yummy. I'm off to find something sweet to snack on...

    Happy Monday to you.

  18. I made these the other day and OH. MY. WORD. they turned out amazing. In fact my friends starting eating the dough raw while I was trying to bake them. They said they liked them better than regular cookies. Great great recipe! Thai rice is the best invention and this blog is amazing

  19. Thank you so much for telling me this! You made my day! :)

  20. is it possible to use all purpose gluten free flour instead? My daughter is gluten free (new allergy to wheat) and I would rather not have to buy a bunch of different types of flours. They look amazing!!

  21. I couldn't find thai rice flour... would regular white rice flour work instead? I'm making these for a friend :)

  22. It will work. They will just be a little grittier in texture. You can find Thai rice flour at Asian supermarkets.